Nikki Madden

"Exceedingly witty songwriter hits home with lines such as 'where there's a will there's a lawyer'. Madden possesses a follow-if-you-can vibrato that won't sit still but the lyrics are the real draw here. Intelligent, acerbic, and impishly clever."

Nikki's song themes lean towards the primitive favourites - love lost, love simply mislaid, sudden fabulous wealth.

"The song 'Next Of Skin' has received broad acceptance and support.. indicative of the politically aware, yet life affirming nature of the rest of her songs. She has a uniquely intimate style of vocal that is very easy on the ear, just like her spoken voice. John Frame 4ZZZ.

"Nikki loves playing with words, stringing them together like beads on the threads of her songs.... her playing displays superb musicianship; brisk, crisp and expressive...” (Mike Raine,